Introducing Work+Family Insight

Apr 25, 2024

I am pleased to introduce to you Work+Family Insight, formerly known as Workforce 21C. We are still HR’s trusted partner for managing today’s changing workforce, providing practical advice and tools and assisting with initiatives to adapt the workplace to new realities.

Why the rebrand? Family caregiving has surged recently, and employees are prioritizing their need to combine work and family. They are changing how they work to fit their lives outside of work. They are choosing employers based on the availability of relevant benefits, effective policies, and supportive cultures. The rebrand reflects our focus on helping employers take advantage of these shifting priorities to attract and retain valuable employees.

Work+Family Insight has the expertise to help employers design and implement programs to support caregiving employees, identify and remove obstacles to work/life integration, control the effects of unconscious bias about pregnant employees and family caregivers, comply with new laws prohibiting caregiver discrimination and mandating pregnancy and lactation accommodations, and more. The end result for employers is a more productive workforce, less tension in the workplace, reduced costs, and improved retention – for all employees.

Our website has free resources to help employers work with their caregiving employees. Check out our Resources section for briefing papers, sample forms for pregnancy accommodation, and additional tools. Free registration gets you full access. Please check back often, as we will be adding new resources frequently.

One feature we are particularly looking forward to is our Challenge Solvers. Each week, we will tackle a common problem employers face in managing pregnant, parenting, and caregiving employees. Sign up for our newsletter to have the Challenge Solvers sent to your inbox so you never miss an issue.

We hope you will explore the website, register for our resources and newsletter, and let us know what you think. Work+Family Insight is looking forward to partnering with you.

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Let’s talk about how you can work better with your caregiving employees.

Workforce 21C is now Work+Family Insight.