Selected Speaking Engagements

“What Parents Want Right Now,” (private client, October 2023)

“An Introduction to the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act,” The Center for WorkLife Law, ACLU, NELA (webinar, March 2023)

“Advancing Women: Reducing Unconscious Bias, Mentoring and Sponsorship, Flexible Work, Succession Planning,” Resolve Workshop (Georgia, February 2023)

“Family Responsibilities Discrimination: Legal Update” (WLL Attorney Network, April 2021)

“Tips for Implementing New Policies” (private client, September 2020)

“How to Keep a Job and Care for Elderly Parents While Avoiding Workplace Caregiver Discrimination,” The Caring Generation (internet radio, February 2020)

“Managing Caregiving Employees: A Managers’ Roundtable” (private client, October 2019)

“What Managers Need to Know: Legal Update on Pregnancy Accommodation,” Planned Parenthood (Chicago, June 2019)

“Parental Leave Policies: Legalities and Practicalities” (private client, February 2019)

“Caregiver Discrimination: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going” (keynote), Public Hearing on Pregnancy and Caregiver Discrimination, New York City Commission on Human Rights (New York City, January 2019)

“The Pregnancy Discrimination Act at 40 and the Continued Role of Lawyers,” New York City Bar Association and A Better Balance (New York City, October 2018)

“Disparate Impact Claims in Family Responsibilities Discrimination,” WLL Attorney Network (teleconference, April 2018)

“New Developments in Pregnancy Accommodation,” Clear Law Institute (webinar, December 2017)

“New Developments in Pregnant Workers’ Rights,” Conference for Labor Lawyers (San Diego, October 2017)

“The Caregiving Quagmire: Minimizing Your Legal Risks,” Human Resource Executive Health & Benefits Leadership Conference (Las Vegas, April 2017)

“The Do’s and Don’ts of Litigating Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Accommodation Claims After Young v. UPS,” National Employment Lawyers Association and WorkLife Law (webinar, April 2017)

“Employees Caring for Elders: New Litigation Frontier,” WLL Attorney Network (teleconference, February 2017)

“The Working Caregiver,” District of Columbia Office on Aging (September 2016)

“Elder Care Discrimination Claims: Managing Employees and Avoiding Lawsuits,” Bloomberg BNA (webinar, April 2016)

“Preventing Family Responsibilities Discrimination,” i-Sight (webinar, January 2016)

“Elder Caregiving: HR and Legal Perspectives,” Office of Personnel Management (webinar, October 2015)

“Taming Unconscious Bias: Individual and Institutional Solutions” (private client, September 2015)

“Preventing Family Responsibilities Discrimination: The Laws and Strategies HR Needs to Know,” Bloomberg/BNA (webinar, April 2015)

“Pregnancy Discrimination: Update and Action Steps for Employers,” i-Sight (webinar, May 2015)

“Work and Caring for Elders,” Institute of Medicine, Committee on Family Caregiving for Older Adults (Washington, D.C., January 2015)

“The Strategic Case for Flexible Work Culture,” Washington University School of Medicine (St. Louis, September 2014)

“Investigating Family Responsibilities Discrimination Claims,” i-Sight (webinar, March 2014)

“Family Responsibilities Discrimination: Liability Avoidance and Client Advocacy,” ALI-CLE (webinar, November 2013)

“FRD and the EEOC’s Strategic Enforcement Plan: What Employers Must Do to Avoid this New Legal Minefield,” C4CM (webinar, April 2013)

“Family Responsibilities Discrimination: Overview for New Investigators,” EEOC Training (Washington, D.C.  August 2011)

“Family Responsibility Discrimination,” Connecticut Bar Association (Hartford, May 2011)

“Effective Management of Reduced Hours Attorneys,” Diversity and Flexibility Alliance (teleconference, May 2011)

“Action Steps for Advancing Women Lawyers,” Women Lawyers of Utah (teleseminar, April 2011)

“Balanced Hours: From Theory to Practice,” Legal Inclusiveness & Diversity Summit, Center for Legal Inclusiveness (Denver, March 2011)

“Men and Family Responsibilities Discrimination” (Author speaker series, Baltimore, October 2010)

“Training the Law Firm on New Alternative Work Program,” training given at international law firm (June 2010)

“Flexible Work: Where We Are and Where We’re Going,” keynote, Wal-Mart Flex-Time Summit (Bentonville, Arkansas, June 2010)

“The Flexibility and Diversity Connection,” ABA Commission on Women Summit for Women In-House Counsel (Philadelphia, April 2010)

“Work/Life Issues and Solutions for In-House Lawyers,” ACC Legal Executives Roundtable (Chicago, April 2010)

“Balancing Work and Family in the Recession” (Testimony before the Joint Economic Committee, 111th Congress, Washington, D.C. July 2009)

“The Hidden Barrier to Developing Talent: Addressing Gender Bias in Evaluation and Compensation Systems” (University of Maryland School of Law, Baltimore, April 2009)

“Employer Best Practices to Avoid Discrimination Against Family Caregivers” (Testimony before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Washington, D.C., April 2009)

“Emerging Developments in Family Responsibilities Discrimination Teleconference” (ABA April 2009)

“The Point of Impact:  Building Effective, Bias-Free Lawyer/Supervisor Relationships” (NALP Annual Education Conference, Washington, D.C., April 2009)

“Advanced Strategies for Retaining Women Lawyers,” (Wal-Mart Superconference, Bentonville, AR, November 2008)

“The Role of Men in Advancing the Work/Life Agenda” (Yale Law School, March 2008

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