Selected Publications


Family Responsibilities Discrimination, by Cynthia Thomas Calvert, Joan C. Williams, and Gary Phelan (Bloomberg BNA Books 2014 & supplement 2016)

Solving the Part-Time Puzzle: The Law Firm’s Guide to Balanced Hours, by Joan Williams and Cynthia Thomas Calvert (NALP 2004)

Flex Success: The Lawyer’s Guide to Balanced Hours, by Cynthia Thomas Calvert and Joan Williams (WLL Press 2011)


Caring Locally for Caregivers: How State and Local Laws Protect Family Caregivers from Discrimination at Work, by Cynthia Thomas Calvert and Jessica Lee (AARP Public Policy Institute, 2021)

Protecting Parents During Covid-19: State and Local FRD Laws Prohibit Discrimination at Work, by Cynthia Thomas Calvert (2020)

Caregivers in the Workplace: Family Responsibilities Discrimination Litigation Update 2016, by Cynthia Thomas Calvert (2016)

Family Responsibilities Discrimination: Litigation Update 2010, by Cynthia Thomas Calvert (2010)

Reduced Hours, Full Success:  Part-Time Partners in U.S. Law Firms, Cynthia Thomas Calvert, Linda Bray Chanow and Linda Marks, 21 Hastings Women’s L.J. 223 (2010)

Reduced Hours, Full Success: Part-Time Partners, Summary of Findings for Denver Law Firms, Cynthia Thomas Calvert, Linda Bray Chanow and Linda Marks (2010)

Diversity and Flexibility Connection Best Practices, Joan Williams, Cynthia Thomas Calvert and Manar Morales (2009)

Legal Talent at the Crossroads: Why New Jersey Women Lawyers leave Their Law Firms, and Why They Choose to Stay Teresa Boyer, Cynthia Thomas Calvert, and Joan Williams  (New Jersey State Employment and Training Commission, Council on Gender Parity in Labor and Education, 2009)

Better on Balance? The Corporate Counsel Work/Life Report, Joan Williams, Cynthia Thomas Calvert and Holly Cooper (2003)

Balanced Hours: Effective Part-Time Programs for Washington Law Firms, Joan Williams and Cynthia Thomas Calvert (2001)


Pregnant Workers Fairness Act: What You Need to Know, by Liz Morris and Cynthia Thomas Calvert (ABA Labor and Employment Law Newsletter, Summer 2023)

Paid Labor: Eleventh Circuit Protects Rights of Pregnant Worker, by Joanna L. Grossman and Cynthia Thomas Calvert ( 2020)

Expert Analysis: Lessons In Avoiding Caregiver Discrimination Claims, by Joan C. Williams, Liz Morris, and Cynthia Thomas Calvert (Law360 2016)

Caregiver Discrimination Lawsuits Increased 269% in the Last Decade, by Joan C. Williams and Cynthia Thomas Calvert ( 2016)

What Young v. UPS Means for Pregnant Workers and Their Bosses, Liz Morris, Cynthia Thomas Calvert, and Joan C. Williams (HBR 2015)

Fathers Take Employers to Court for Discrimination (i-Sight 2012)

5 Ways to Avoid Caregiver Discrimination Claims (i-Sight 2012)

The New Sex Discrimination: Family Responsibilities, 9 U. Md. L.J. Race Relig. Gender & Class 33 (2009)

Family Responsibilities Discrimination: What Everyone Needs to Know (Employment Practices Solutions 2007)

How to Protect Your Company from Family Responsibilities Discrimination Lawsuits (HR Daily Advisor 2007)

Family Responsibilities: New Twist on Gender Discrimination, by Joan C. Williams, Cynthia Thomas Calvert, and Consuela A. Pinto (ABA Labor and Employment Law, Vol. 34, No. 4, Summer 2006)

Can Part-Time Programs for Lawyers Ever Make Economic Sense? Cynthia Thomas Calvert and Joan Williams (NALP Bulletin 2004)

Is Your Firm’s Part-Time Program a Retention Tool?  Joan Williams and Cynthia Thomas Calvert(ABA Law Practice Management 2003)

Part-Time Progress: Letting Lawyers Cut Back Can Save Money and Retain Talent – If Firms Do It Right Joan Williams and Cynthia Thomas Calvert (Legal Times, Oct. 22, 2001)

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