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Fast, Low-Cost Answers to Your Caregiving Employee Issues

Have questions or just want to pick an expert’s brain about something? Ask Cynthia directly with our Quick Consults! We offer 30-minute phone conversations directly with Cynthia Calvert that allow HR professionals, supervisors, and business owners to get concise, targeted answers to their questions about managing caregiving employees. Many issues can be resolved with a half-hour consultation, so schedule some time focused on the answers you need!

30 Minute Phone Conversation: $119 

Work+Family Insight - Cynthia Calvert

Cynthia Thomas Calvert, Principal

Most calls can be scheduled within a week. If Cynthia’s calendar is full and you have an urgent matter to discuss, contact us to let us know and we will try to get you an earlier appointment.

Some Questions Cynthia Has Answered

One of our employees is pregnant and has bad morning sickness. She wants to work from home. Are we required to permit that?

One of our employees needs to pump breast milk but she travels between sites for work. How can we provide privacy for her in compliance with the law?

How much paternity leave do we need to give? Can we give primary caregivers 16 weeks of paid leave and give secondary caregivers two weeks of paid leave?

One of our employees has been absent a lot to care for her child. Can we discipline her? What can we do to reduce the absenteeism?

Do employees who pump breast milk have to use the lactation room that we provide?

What does our lactation room have to have in it to comply with the new laws?

We asked a pregnant employee who wants an accommodation to have her doctor fill out an ADA accommodation medical certification form. She refused because of the new PWFA law. What documentation are we entitled to?

One of our employees wants to work remotely every Friday so she can travel out of state to take care of her mother, who has cancer. Our policy requires everyone to work in the office five days a week. Do we have to let her do this?

Most of our employees work remotely. Some are parents of toddlers. Can we have a policy that says they have to have childcare and can’t be taking care of their kids during the workday?

Let’s talk about how you can work better with your caregiving employees.

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